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gas mileage

  1. 1995 Magna Having Low Gas Mileage. What's Going On??

    Hey, thought I'd pick your brains here. My 1995 Magna VF750 is only getting about 21mi/gallon. That's REALLY low. I should be in the upper 20's or low 30's. I'm not riding it rough either. Wondering what might be causing the issue. Any suggestions?
  2. Suzuki GT380 Gas Mileage?

    Anyone have any idea what kind of gas mileage a 1976 Suzuki GT380 is supposed to get? I've been riding this thing around for a week or so - appears to be getting maybe 25 mpg. Is that right? I found a source online that suggests it's supposed to get closer to 45 mpg.
  3. Gas Mileage Question

    I've got an '05 VStar 1100. I've noticed that at 100 miles on the dot I have to switch to my reserve tank. When I go to fill up I put 3 gallons in it at the most. Is that normal?