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  1. First Bike / New Rider
    TLDR: new-ish rider, working on a bike for the first time, 1990 FZR 600, has trouble starting/idle, rebuilt carbs, got bike to start but was rough and did'nt idle, replaced mixture screws and tightened them to spec, bike wont start, starter doesn't click, replaced battery still nothing. What do...
  2. Hard to Get Parts
    I just got ahold of a '94 yamaha FZR. Excellent bike! But anywhere I find plastics for it they're literally almost as much as I payed for the bike! (I got a good deal) I was wondering if any of the newer bikes plastics were transferable? Or where to get cheap replacements? I'm missing the left...
  3. Yamaha
    I have a 91 FZR 1000... Does anyone know / has anyone tried a rotor that is compatable? I have read that some Ducati rotors are the same rotors. I think they are 320mm with a .5 offset. Or does anyone know about EBC part numbers? I know the part number is MD2003LS (left side? even though they...
1-3 of 3 Results