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  1. Fuse shorting out

    Hey there fellow riders, I currently am having a problem with a fuse that keeps blowing out. First off the fuse "usually" blows out when I use the turn signal and hit the foot brake at the same time but as far as I've noticed not when I use them separately and sometimes not, I can't say for...
  2. Ninja 250 Shifter Kart Blowing 30A Fuse

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi All, I'm 16, building a Ninja 250 shifter kart, I've hooked up the wiring, all original loom, no aftermarket accessories and the engine turns over, fires once, then blows the main 30A fuse, this has happened two or three times now... Any help would be hugely appreciated!
  3. CG125 1979 Electrical problems

    Hello Everyone I would love some help with my 1979 CG125. I recently stripped the bike pretty far down and made some changes changed the handlebar, removed the indicators, added a horn switch, changed the tailight. and guess what? Its blowing fuses now ! :-0 I have found a few not great...
  4. Need fuse help for an inline fuse between battery and alarm

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hoping this is the right section to post this. Ok important details: My bike is a Brand new Yamaha xenter 125 (2017 edition though the manual online for the 2016 edition is identical to my physical manual) fuses for the bike: main fuse 20a ignition fuse 7.5a signalling 15a headlights 15a backup...
  5. Blowing the main fuse by using brakes

    Motorcycle Repair
    So I'm doing a Cafe build on my 82' csr305, and when I went to turn it on a few days ago nothing came on. No headlight, no taillight, nothing. It had a brand new battery in it as well. So I did some hunting around and found the main fuse was blown. So I replaced the fuse (with the same exact...
  6. Intermittent fuse blowing on GS500E

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all, I was hoping maybe someone here can help me, I have a 1999 Suzuki GS500EX, I use it to commute to work and back every weekday about an hours journey in total, it was running fine all through the summer but about two weeks ago now it started intermittently blowing its 20a fuse. The only...
  7. 1981 Suzuki gs 550 t electrical

    Vintage Forum
    Im overhauling the engine and stripping the frame to restore but and im labeling everything staying very organized but when i got down to electrical there is a white box beside and connected to my stater relay that i dont know what is it has a positive wire running out that connects to the relay...
  8. blowing main fuse on 74 honda cb 360

    Motorcycle Repair
    MY problem is I am blowing main fuse (glass fuse). It happened once before after I had ridden for over an hour or so. It blew as I was coasting to a stop sign. I replaced the fuse and it didn't happen again on that ride. Today it blew after about 1 1/2 hours of riding. It blew as I coasted to...
  9. [Honda CB350 Four] - Do I have the right ignition switch (pics)

    I have a bad ignition switch that will randomly short and blow a fuse. I recently ordered a "Honda CB350 Four" ignition switch, but when I went to put it in the connectors looked different. Right now this is my only ride, so I didn't want to full around too much. Do the two work together or...
  10. 1985 honda shadow problem

    Hi, guys I apologize if this repeats but I tried to post once but can't find it. I have a 1985 honda shadow vt700 which is mechanically sound but lately I'm having electrical issues. The blue 15a fuse in the front dash that controls the turns signals and brake light keeps on blowing, sometimes...