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fuel issues

  1. Suzuki GS550T 1981 project

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    Hi guys, I recently bought a Suzuki GS550T from 1981 as a basis for my first build project. Seller had the same plan, bought it, had someone clean the carbs and engine was running fine. Then he stored the bike in his garage and didn't touch it for a couple of months. Realised his friends all...
  2. Engine starts rough, dies. Fuel issue?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey everyone! I recently bought a very used 2001 Suzuki SV650s. It was cheap, so no surprise that I've been having some problems. The latest: it won't run. Well, kind of. So it will start in full choke, and respond some to the throttle. It runs a bit irregular, but it runs. If I give it...
  3. '75 Honda CB360 dies while riding

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys, '75 CB360 died while riding. I heard a popping noise, then the rpms seemed to drop really low as I came to a stoplight. Died completely at the next stop. I was able to start again but had to keep revving to keep it alive. Lost power again a few blocks later and I couldn't start...
  4. High throttle with "on" petcock

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys, I am having some trouble with my carbs. I just took them apart and cleaned them, and have had trouble with them since reinstalling. When I start my bike with the petcock in the "off" position (starting the bike with just the fuel in the carbs), it idles perfectly. When I start my...
  5. Gummed up fuel system, '74 Honda XL250

    Motorcycle Repair
    I just picked up a '74 Honda XL250, and it had been sitting for about 8 years. As the story always goes, (I know the person that I bought it from, and they've no reason to bullcrap about it) it was running when it was parked. The only reason she stopped riding it, is the clutch cable snapped...