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  1. Do I need to add fork oil?

    New Member Introductions
    The other day I noticed that one of the seals on the front fork of my KLX250S was leaking. I used a Seal Mate tool to clean the seal and now the seal is properly seated once again. Each rod holds over 500mL of fork oil and I couldn't of lost more than 20-25mL (that is extreme worse case...
  2. 2000 CBR 600 F4 Front End

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys/gals, I have a question about the repair of my 2000 CBR600 F4. I was recently in an accident that damaged my front end. Slid into a guard rail and bent my rim, bent both front tubes and destroyed a lot of plastics. As far as i can tell, the triple clamps are ok...i'll have to...
  3. I KEEP F**King crashing

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi everyone. I am a bit frustrated. So I'm both going to vent and write this at the same time. But I will try to keep it brief. I bought a 1983 Honda Interceptor VF750f this year. It is my first bike. I've been riding it for 4 days, mostly unsupervised. In those 4 days I've gone down twice...
  4. Swapping the front fork?

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    I have a 71' cb350 that I am looking to make into a bobber and was wondering if I would be able to use a cb750 front fork on it because I don't really like the way the cb350 fork looks? Would a cb450 or 550 maybe work better? I guess my primary concern is will the forks switch out easily or...