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  1. Suzuki
    I was wondering if all the parts from a 1987 GS450L would fit on a frame of any other year? I have a bike that has no title and haven't found any 87 frames yet
  2. Hard to Get Parts
    Hello, my first post on here and I have a 1987 Suzuki with only 850 miles and no title. The first owner removed the carbs for some reason and let it sit, then developed memory issues and lost the carbs and the title. He gave it to the guy I bought it from and has since passed away. The bike is...
  3. Building, Restoration & Modification
    I have a 74 suzuki GT 250 frame and I am looking for a way to find out what size motor I can get away with putting in there. I have searched and searched the forums, called Suzuki called other shops, searched parts warehouses to see if I could see what years the frame was used and on what other...
  4. Motorcycle Repair
    I've got a 1983 Honda Shadow 500. I bought it back in January, and to make a long story short, it was a bit of a lemon (luckily it was a cheap lemon:p). I'm capable of making most of the repairs, but I'm weary/unsure of this one. What I was told was a bent kickstand turned out to be a crack on...
  5. First Bike / New Rider
    hey everyone... i'm trying to build a motorcycle for cheap... salvaged parts, blah blah... i'm on to a pretty good start so far... i found a good frame sitting next to my friends house... he found it during an outdoor volunteer cleanup... problem is that the serial was filed off, so no idea...
1-6 of 6 Results