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  1. Fork stem nut for RAM mount, and fork concern

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello all, I am looking to put a RAM mount on my 2002 R6. The options I see for mount placement are either the fork stem base, or around one of the fork tubes. I'm interested to know if I can drill a hole into the fork stem nut for the RAM mount. I can't find any cheap replacements for this...
  2. Mild teardown

    So, I got this nifty little Ascot in my garage. (Full disclosure: my first bike). After piddling around with it when it was still warm enough to ride some -- like 5 miles total, I discovered that at least the left fork leaks. Then I looked closer and the chrome on the fork tube has a couple...
  3. Fork seals blown?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey all, new to this forum. Just had a quick question, will post a pic if necessary. There are slight grease rings on the forks and was just wondering if the seals are totally blown and need to be replaced immediately or if that's normal wear and tear and still got some time on them? Thanks peeps