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  1. Vulcan 800 carbs jelled

    Motorcycle Repair
    Smile Vulcan 800 carbs jelled Hi all! I'm new to this but long time rider. My 800 Vulcan classic carb jelled after setting 8 years. I seafomed it and got all junk out, now cant seem to get it running very well . the biggest problem is it will idle a little wile with the choke on , but with...
  2. Carb float bowl needle broke(jet too) - 1979 cb750k

    Motorcycle Repair
    So, got my carbs out and cleaning them. I discovered a nice crack in the needle on the float bowl(leading to the overflow valve. Stupidly, I decided to wiggle it so see how bad it was, and *snap*, it came off. Also, one of the primary main jets is chipped, and was put in way too tight by the...
  3. Float adjustment advice

    Hi, I had an issue with my float needles earlier (see post #505591, sorry I can't link w/ < 15 posts) where they would get stuck and not let fuel flow. After opening the bowl and helping them drop, the bike would run great for the rest of the ride. Following the advice in that thread, I...
  4. Carburetor float problem?

    Hi! My son got his 1999 Yamaha VStar 650 running today - sort of. After removing the fuel tank and carbs, he's discovered that the floats are apparently stuck in both carbs. Unfortunately, the float casings are stuck and he doesn't have an impact driver (yet). When he got everything taken...