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  1. Loose mirror

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi guys, does anyone know how I would tighten the ball socket on my wing mirror ? Best, bill
  2. Donated broke down Johnny Pag

    Motorcycle Repair
    My son's 2007 Johnny Pag "Raptor" broke down while he was near my house. When it broke down, my son was in 5th gear, coming to a light. He stopped the bike, and tried to put it into 1st, but it would not go. He had to rev up the motor really high to get it away from the light. Once safely in a...
  3. Having troubles with my 600cc enduro

    Motorcycle Repair
    I am having some trouble with my 1984 Honda XL600r, Last week I was driving down a dirt road going 60 or so, when my bike suddenly turned shut off and my back tire locked. After slowing down a little bit, I managed to jump start it again and continue on with my trip. About 250-300 yards down the...
  4. Too many bikes, not riding enough...

    New Member Introductions
    I have a Yamaha 750 special that was a project. 2nd gear problem... Recent carb rebuild, minor problems. Honda CB 360T has been in garage five years.... Clutch connection such that it has twice gotten stuck disengaged. Problem is on a part near where clutch cable enters housing... I am glad...