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  1. 1980s motorbiking -- what bikes were we riding in the UK?

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    What motorbikes would blokes in their late teens/early twenties in the UK have ridden in the mid 1980s? I'm writing about it and want to make sure I get the models right: I'm thinking Triumph Bonneville 1972, but what else? What was affordable/good if you wanted speed? Also what was popular at...
  2. First Wheelie!!!

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    My cousin recorded my doing my first wheelie on the street go ahead and take a look!:icon_cool:
  3. Sport Bike shaking at 80 mph?

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    So I was riding on I-94 a couple days ago and traffic was running a little fast between 75-80 mph. So I was cruising along at about 78 when I came up to a semi. I personally don't like semis when I'm on the bike because of the limited visibility and 16 tires ready to blow. But anyways, as I'm...
  4. Can't go faster than 60!

    First Bike / New Rider
    I've got a 1978 Honda CM 185 T that doesn't go any faster than 60 mph. I want to be able to use the freeway without slowing everyone down, is there something I can do? Maybe better pipes or something? Or is it just time for a new bike? Thanks for any help, guys.