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  1. 1972 kawasaki-f9

    Motorcycle Repair
    First off i would like to say that i am fairly new to motorcycles and i have a little riding experience on small bikes just yesterday i purchased a 1972 kawasaki-f9 from a friend it does run and ride but needs some tlc i rode it this morning and it runs good at first but after i ride like a...
  2. 1981 Honda XL185s NOT STARTING!

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 1981 honda xl185s. I recently bought it and it is my first motorcycle. When I bought it, it wasn't running. After cleaning the carb and putting new gas in it fired right up. It was starting first kick every time for about a month. The other day, I took it out for a couple 5-10 mile...
  3. Looking for older Enduro/Dual Sport under 150cc

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello all, I'm turning 17 here in a month and would like to get a motorcycle license to make it easier for me to commute to class and such, looking into the Illinois DOT's laws (I'm in the Peoria area), I can get a Class L license, which gives me the ability to ride a bike up to 150cc. I'm just...
  4. Need help Tuning Carburetor

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hello all, I recently got my 1973 Suzuki TS185 over to my main residence in suburban Cincinnati. The bike is an old 2stroke enduro, 183cc to be exact. I am going to restore the bike and return it to street legal form, however before spending a lot of money tracking down parts for a 39 year old...
  5. 1975 suzuki TS185

    Vintage Forum
    Needs some carb work but motor has good compression and is in excellent condition with no rust only dirt. missing the original bells and whistles (headlight, tailight, turn signals, battery, speedo) but has the original tach and thats what matters most. Its a 183cc 2stroke manual enduro. got a 5...
  6. 1975 Suzuki TS185 pics and progress

    Motorcycle Repair
    This Is my 1975 Suzuki TS185. 183cc 2-stroke enduro bike with oil injector and a manual 4 speed tranny. Its missing the Speedo, Headlight, taillight, turn signals, battery, and thats about it. i recently ordered a clutch cable, clutch lever, rear inner tube, and air filter from bikebandit and...
  7. Classic Enduro

    Vintage Forum
    I'm currently working on restoring/street legalizing my 1975 Suzuki TS185. its in great condition everywhere you look. however ive got a slight problem. ALL the original lights and equipment are missing (Headlight, tail light, turn signals, battery, speedometer) so its gonna cost some cash to...
  8. Hoping to make this place my Home

    New Member Introductions
    Well, to start, I've never ridden a motorcycle really. putted around on a family friends 90cc dirtbike a couple times a summer during family picnics.. Finally at 11, convinced my dad to get me a 1979 125cc Kawasaki... it cost him $300... and i was only allowed to ride it during these family...