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  1. Honda CG 125 2008, Extreme battery drain with key on, engine off.

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. I have a honda CG 125 2008 and I am having a problem with the electrics. The problem is as follows: - Battery charge: 12.9 v - Turn key on: Battery begins to loose voltage at a very fast rate, roughly 1v every 1s. - Key off...
  2. Electrics shut off

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    2000 BMW R1100S, electrics have shut down while riding a couple of times in the last three or four days. Turning the key off and back on a couple of times lights it back up and off I go for the rest of the ride. Also would not turn on at first when getting off the ferry, then turned on and...
  3. Intermittent fuse blowing on GS500E

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all, I was hoping maybe someone here can help me, I have a 1999 Suzuki GS500EX, I use it to commute to work and back every weekday about an hours journey in total, it was running fine all through the summer but about two weeks ago now it started intermittently blowing its 20a fuse. The only...
  4. Need help on electrics (1972 Honda CT70)

    Motorcycle Repair
    Im working on restoring/ street legalizing a 1972 Honda CT70. this bike was stored in a barn and hadnt started for about 10 years. when i got it i put in a brand new spark plug and it started 2nd kick! i spent over 200 dollars on parts and need some help hooking up some electronics. I bought a...