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  1. Ninja 250 Go Kart, what do the electrics connecting to the radiator do?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi all, I'm currently building a Kawasaki Ninja 250 go Kart, I'm almost done, just wrapping up the wiring. This might sound like a dumb question, but what do the electrics that connect to the radiator do, not the fan, the actual radiator. Any help would be hugely appreciated, Thanks!
  2. Fuse shorting out

    Hey there fellow riders, I currently am having a problem with a fuse that keeps blowing out. First off the fuse "usually" blows out when I use the turn signal and hit the foot brake at the same time but as far as I've noticed not when I use them separately and sometimes not, I can't say for...
  3. 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250R NOT STARTING

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all, I am a new rider and I just purchased my first bike, a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250R. When I bought this bike, it ran just fine for the first day. It seemed to not want to start at first, but it was most likely because of how cold it was (this is a carbureted bike) or the battery being...
  4. I turn ignition on, but nothing lights up or turns on

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, I'm work on a 1986 kawasaki vulcan. Recently I went to go start it up, and when I pressed the ignition switch the whole bike died. After that even if I turned the key the bike no longer lights up, horn doesnt work etc. I can see that the battery is a little under 13 volts and I know it's...
  5. CG125 1979 Electrical problems

    Hello Everyone I would love some help with my 1979 CG125. I recently stripped the bike pretty far down and made some changes changed the handlebar, removed the indicators, added a horn switch, changed the tailight. and guess what? Its blowing fuses now ! :-0 I have found a few not great...
  6. 1967 Yamaha YCS1 180cc Build

    New Member Introductions
    New to this forum but I've been working on my resto for a couple months now and have recently hit a wall. It's a 1967 Yamaha YCS1, last registered in Montana in 1974 according to the stickers on the plate, and probably hasn't ran much since then. A few things I've done so far: New battery...
  7. Honda cg125 1989 electrical fault

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys, This completely baffled me and my boyfriend so I wasn't too sure where to go. So I recently got my first bike after passing my CBT. This is a Honda CG 125 1989 model. Amazing bike. Had some issues when I first got it but ran like a complete dream for over a month until the other...
  8. Help w/possible electrical short after highway adventure... New Rider!

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey - so disclaimer: I am new, and know very little about bikes.. I would love to learn and appreciate any help. I apologize ahead of time if I ask stupid questions! Was riding my new-to-me bike on the highway (97 Suzuki Savage 650), and heard a rattling sound from behind me. I pulled off ASAP...
  9. 1993 Kawasaki ZX7 Starting Problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    I recently got The bike stated, the guy who sold it to me had it sitting for well over a year after he wrecked on another bike. When i got it, it would turn over and while it was hard to turn on, with a good mix of choke and throttle it would fire up, and would stay on for as long you kept it...
  10. Wiring harness Build

    Motorcycle Repair
    Im still having trouble getting my bike to start. I thinks its a bad wire but I just cant find it. There are a few splices in the wiring harness that I think are from a previous owner, maybe not I dont know. Would it be more work to try to build a new harness (All the ones online look just as...
  11. Wired up new ignition switch, but turn signals aren't working correctly

    Motorcycle Repair
    I'm trying to get a new ignition switch wired up correctly on my 1978 Honda CB400 Hawk 2. The switch is one of those "auto" style, or more accurately, boat ignition switches that turns the bike on in the first position and turns over the motor in the second position. So I've removed the old...
  12. Multimeters

    Tool Talk
    New to the motorcycle repair world, I had to pick up my first multimeter. With so many options online I had no idea what to get. Usually when it comes to buying tools I like to spend the extra cash and get something that I know is a great product. But I know I dont need an extravagant multimeter...
  13. 1981 Yamaha Virago 750cc: Bike won't start (Electrical)

    Motorcycle Repair
    Okay, So I have a 81 Yamaha Virago. When I bought it, the bike was in good working order, had a few cosmetic issues, apparently though while sitting in my garage a gremlin broke in and ruined it, or I am just very unlucky. So basically my bike wont turn over, click, chug or start for that...
  14. 1983 honda vt750c starting issues

    Motorcycle Repair
    So i just got this bike. 1983 honda vt750c. Changed out old oil and filter. Rebuilt starter with a brand new starter rebuild kit and bought a brand new battery. The engine turns by spinning the rear tire and if you take out at least 2 of the plugs the starter will turn engine. The second you...
  15. Something electrical

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 88' Yamaha Radian (I'm a backyard mechanic) that I replaced the motor on because it had a bad cylinder. Was starting and running before I had replaced the motor. Before I installed the new motor I tested It, turned over and had good compression. Well problem is now that I installed the...
  16. arcing

    I have a v twin 750 86 intruder; I noticed there is a small arc jumping from the spark plug to the head I was wondering wtf is going on!!! Bad ground? As well the battery is brand new and not barley holding 14v. It barley starts after sitting for a day. Just trying to take advantage of the few...
  17. Tail Light Doesn't Work ... but it does?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I bought an 85 Honda Nighthawk cb450 the other day. Most of the bike seems to be good but there's a very odd issue with the tail light. With the ignition in the Run position the headlight works but the tail light is out. If I apply either brake then the tail and brake light bulbs light up. If...
  18. 2007 suzuki boulevard c90 Blinkers not working

    Motorcycle Repair
    Recently i had my blinkers randomly stop working they are on for day time running lights but if I try to use the turn signal nothing happens i replaced the relay and checked the fuses has anyone else run across this issue or know how to fix thank you in advance.
  19. honda twinstar taillight

    any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!! ive got all the electrical issues figured out on my 1980 Honda twinstar. it has already been converted to a 12v system. everything works perfect except for the damned tail light. it lights up when brakes applied but ive got no running light...
  20. CB350 electrical short

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm a new rider that just bought a '72 Honda CB350. She runs and drives great but has some electrical issues. Mainly, whenever I try to use the right blinker it shorts into the neutral light, pops the main fuse and kills the engine. I'm not sure where the short is. Is there somewhere I...