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electrical problems

  1. Electrical Being Wacky

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I just bought a 1977 Suzuki GS750 the other day and I was able to get it started up if I jump start it. The whole fuel system is looking great but for some reason my bike isn't wanting to rev up or give me much power. I found out that if I keep the jumper cables connected to the bike battery and...
  2. motorcycle not starting

    Motorcycle Repair
    Used 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 ltd, worked fine for 2 weeks then stalled and wouldn't start again. When I start the bike it turns over once or twice then makes a buzzing noise (sounds like a game show buzzer) that seems to be coming from the regulator. I jumped the battery and it worked for...
  3. No power at all

    Motorcycle Repair
    I had just bought a 1983 Honda CB650 SC a few weeks ago as a project and the bike doesn't have any power at all with lights or anything. When I had bought it the owner had started her up with out a problem and how it just doesn't do anything. I checked all the fuses and got a new starter...
  4. cb900c dash and turn signal problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    I just got my 1980 cb900c a month ago as my first bike, I just got it to finally start. Now all the sudden the turn signal indicators on the dash both come on when I turn the key also the actual turn signals come on too and they all stay solid. When I flip the turn switch to the right all the...
  5. Electrical Help.

    Well here we go. I have a 2001 Shadow Sabre 1100. I have an electrical issue. I have a new battery, I replaced the Stator (black and corroded), and replaced the rectifier/regulator. I used the multimeter today, and watched as my battery drained while running at idle. I think there is a short...
  6. 1981 xs1100. Electrical problem

    Motorcycle Repair
    yo man i noticed one of your replys to someones electrical problem. so maybe you can help me. i have a 1981 xs 1100s, the guy i bought it off of let it sit for a year (so he says) i cleaned carbs , changed tires, plugs, new battery, new brakes. even siliconed some of the iternal filters of...
  7. 82' CB650 electrical problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    Alright I picked up a 82' cb650 from a friend for 200$ it runs amazing and it's a great bike to learn how to ride on.. the only problem is It wont charge. First I tested the stator and regulator and the reg was shot, I replaced that through electrosport and my voltage on the battery at 5000rpm...
  8. Wires getting warm -- normal?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Okay, semi-quick rundown on how I got where I am today - August, started out for San Francisco and bike died on freeway about 20 miles out. Couldn't get anything to turn on. Got it home and found my ignition fuse popped. Replaced it and still got nothing. Checked wires quickly for signs of...