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electrical problem

  1. Stator Failed the Test

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I've been having issues with the electrical on my 1978 Honda CB400. The problem seems to be related to the charging system. After riding for awhile the battery is dead and it's a new battery. I tested the charging system per the manual with the bike running and the readings were all out of...
  2. r100gs power failure

    I'm really inexperienced at this stuff, particularly in regard to electrical/ignition issues. I'm desperate for help. Initially I was riding my 92 R100GS about 10 miles, when the bike just died as I was riding it. When I tried to re-start it, the engine turned over, but it wouldn't fire up. It...
  3. 82 sp125 problems

    I have an 82 sp125 and it ran last year but had what we think is an electrical problem because the bike randomly dies sometimes but now this year i can seem to get it to even run more than 30 seconds. Can anyone help me diagnose this bike because i think its a shame im not getting more use out...
  4. Odd electrical issue...

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have an Italika DM150 (I'm in Mexico for the winter). A few months ago, the clutch developed a quirk: if I tried to pull it in & start in 1st gear, the start button wouldn't work until I let it out a little... it's been like that ever since. A couple days ago, the start button stopped working...
  5. T250 problem - engine stops when lights is turned on

    A strange problem has occured on my Suzuki 1972 model T250 Motor is running perfect, until I turn on any electrical switch such as mainlight, signal lights or any switch. I have checked the charging, and the battery is fully charged all the time, but when I measure charging voltage from...
  6. HD Dyna lights problem

    Motorcycle Repair
    Headlight, taillight and running lights all stopped working at the same time. Turn indicators still work; bulbs are good; fuses are good. I've replaced the ignition switch on the off-chance - still no luck! Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I'm at a loss, now.
  7. Honda CB350 electrical issue

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, I'm relatively new to motorcycles, but my younger brother left a partially dis-assembled 1973 Honda CB350 at my parents' place when he moved out West a few years ago. I'm attempting to get her back in running condition. The project was going pretty well until the other night. The gas tank...
  8. 2003 VL 800 Volusia issue

    Hello ... when starting my 2003 VL800 Vlousia this morning the electric system completely went dark :mad: (upon pressing the ignition button). After a while electricity came back, everything is working (but the clock was reset ... so I assume there was a short somewhere), but when I press the...