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  1. Electric Motorcycle That Emulates Petrol-Powered Motorcycles

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    This is pretty crazy! this bike can transform into 3 other petrol-powered! Source: Emula: Electric Motorcycle That Emulates Petrol-Powered Motorcycles
  2. Help me make an ON/OFF Switch for FAN

    Motorcycle Repair
    1987 Suzuki Intruder 700 My fan doesn't want to come on during highway rides.. when I get stuck behind a train of cars the temp light comes on and the fan doesn't move... during normal town riding the fan actuates just fine. I dont want to mess around with the thermostat. If anyone has done a...
  3. Troubleshooting Electric

    Hello, I tried searching for this, but none of the descriptions seemed to match my problem. I am on a 2003 Suzuki VZ800 Bike was running great and I accelerated from a rolling "stop" when it killed I pulled over and attempted to restart the bike (pressed the starter button) Bike made single...
  4. Dart Electrics Scooter?

    Other motorcycle manufacturers
    Can anybody provide an information on this electric scooter? I found it for sale in my area, the seller has not responded yet (only emailed them two hours ago). However I was trying to see if I could find reviews, or range, or any information on the product before purchasing. I cannot find...
  5. Total electrical failure on '84 Honda Sabre

    Motorcycle Repair
    The night before the trouble, I rode home uneventufully. Eight hours later, I go to ride it and there's NO electrical power. Not even enough to work the LCD gear display, which I gather takes almost no current. As I had somewhere to be, I roll-started it. Had to get it up to 20 MPH or so to...
  6. Old bike lover

    New Member Introductions
    I have been riding, repairing and restoring motorcycles in Eastern Mass as a hobby for over 30 years. I like finding old bikes that people have forgotten about and getting them running and finding them new homes with newer riders.My current ride is an 83 Kawasaki GPz750. I also have a 1962 Honda...
  7. 81' KZ550, Electric shut off.

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey everyone, I recently bought an 81' Kawasaki KZ550 with 2900 original miles on it. I've been doing some cosmetic work on it, and yesterday I was getting ready to take it out for a test ride when BAM all the electric on the bike cut off. I was turning the bike around, walking it, and it...
  8. Electric Starter

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 2007 Lifan LF200GY-2 which is a chinese bike. Kick starter works great but the electric started started to go slowly untill it just stopped working altogether. So now when i try to use it all that happens is the nuetral light dims a little. I talked to two mechanics who both said to...
  9. turning signal problem

    Motorcycle Repair
    hey all, just got my bike (1971 honda cb350) tuned up, carbs cleaned etc. passed my permit and msf course this weekend... officially licensed on tuesday! ANYWAY, my problem: turn signal switch was broken, so i replaced it, plugged in all proper wires, attached clutch lever and everything...