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  1. Badass Ducati build from Revival Cycles

    Y'all see this channel? It rocks. How does it not have more views? That shop....
  2. Blancfleet on Social Living!!!

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Blancfleet is offering a Ducati rental for $99 daily!!!1 Google it!!!
  3. Question regarding 2007 Ducati Monster 695

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    2007 Ducati Monster 695 with 12k miles on it for $ it worth??? Pretty good condition.
  4. Hello from Worcester Massachusetts (USA)

    New Member Introductions
    I am a teacher with a passion to ride my motorcycle extreme distances. Last year I did a solo coast to coast ride in the United States while riding my Triumph Bonneville. This year I will be riding the same bike but longer distances, 15,000 or so. My ride will include 9 countries and 11...
  5. BMW F800 R vs Ducati Monster

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    Hello friends! This is my first topic here, and I start with a question! I've just finished taking my bike license and now I need to buy my first bike! I've been looking for ages for the right bike, and I must say that Triumph's new-old classics hit number one, specially the Scrambler and the...
  6. Time for a new bike

    First Bike / New Rider
    I have been riding (on road) for about a year now. Probably put on 4 or 5 thousand miles on my 82 Nighthawk 750. I am going to need to replace a few things pretty soon so I was think about getting a new bike. I really like my nighthawk and would like to get something similar but I always up...
  7. Ducati Maintenance Costs

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I'm not asking how to repair one, just how expensive it is relative to other manufacturers. So I figured it would fit better here than in the maintenance and repair section. I have a 2001 BMW R1100S currently and thus am intimately familiar with how...prohibitive(or would exorbitant...
  8. Ducati. Wait, Triumph. Or Buell?

    First Bike / New Rider
    So I'm looking into buying a first bike, and I have a bit of opinion-related questions. Here are the bikes I'm considering. I'm almost definitely going to buy used, and I'm not putting too much weight on year: Ducati Monster, 600cc-750cc, although 900cc keeps popping up too Triumph Speed...
  9. Barry Sheene Classic Race Meeting

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Follow CJ on his motorcycle adventures Episode 3 Now Available CJ set's off for the Barry Sheene Memorial Race meeting at Eatern Creek. Follow CJ through the pits & track side as he uncovers some remarkable classic bikes. Ducati factory racers, Matchless, Manx Norton and BSA, Honda, Suzuki &...