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  1. Honda CG 125 2008, Extreme battery drain with key on, engine off.

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. I have a honda CG 125 2008 and I am having a problem with the electrics. The problem is as follows: - Battery charge: 12.9 v - Turn key on: Battery begins to loose voltage at a very fast rate, roughly 1v every 1s. - Key off...
  2. How to drain carb: Suzuki Boulevard S40

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, I'm new to bikes in general and this motorcycle in specific. I was trying to figure out how to drain the carb. I don't see where the drain screw/plug is, and the owner's manual does not say. The model year is 2008.
  3. Siphon gas without drinking it.

    How To
    You don't need any fancy pump to drain your tank, only a hose and a rag. Stick the hose in the tank all the way to the bottom. Wrap the rag around the hose at the tank to "seal" the opening. It doesn't have to seal well at all. Blow hard into the hose to put some pressure in the tank...
  4. Battery Problem?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey all. I seem to be having a bit of a problem with my battery (I think). I just bought my bike ( a 2005 GS500f) in April. Shortly after, I had both carbs rebuilt, new spark plugs, tank flush and oil flush/change done due to intermittent power problems. A few weeks after that, I had my battery...