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  1. Motorcycle Repair
    Dirt bikes been sitting for a while, trying to get it fixed up, I noticed this was broken off, trying to figure out what it’s for and what it is, any information helps, thanks
  2. First Bike / New Rider
    okay, so just bought myself a 1986 honda CR125R for 500 dollars. ( impulse buy) previous owner claims to have done enduro on it. but the bike wont idle unless i pin the throttle at 1/10th... so i digress. the bike itself looks to be in reasonable condition ( for being 30 years old) and heres why...
  3. Yamaha
    my uncles got a dirtbike im interested in buying its a 1999 Yamaha RT100. 100cc dirt bike 2-stroke manual. dont know much about it but hes only asking 600. its got a title and seems like a good buy. anyone know anything about these bikes and their top speed or performance?
  4. Suzuki
    I recently worked on an old '79 Suzuki Rm125 after sitting for maybe 3-5 years. I'm pretty sure I washed the carb good. The stator was filled with water... :eek: but i cleaned it out and sanded the connections with fine sand paper. I got it running, but it will only run on choke... The second...
  5. Motocross and Dual Sports Forum
    I have a yammaha Pw80 and ive been wondering how to make it street legal. Is it possible? is it worth it? thanks -Lee
1-5 of 5 Results