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  1. Honda CBF125 big bore

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hi... I recently bought a Honda CBF125 2013 Stunner ( and want to upgrade the engine, I see a lot of offers in Aliexpress, and need your help to choose the best option-combination, I used this search tags in aliexpress: honda cbf125 big bore For a...
  2. What seat should I get for my Cafe Racer

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    This is the first bike I am building. The base is a BMW r100 (1983) which I am trying to turn into a cafe racer. I have decided on using slanted shocks (I know I will be sacrificing some handling for the aesthetics of slanted shocks). These usually go well with a solo seat, but I was kind of...
  3. Honda CB650 Cafe Racer

    New Member Introduction
    Hello Everyone, my name's Kai! New here, first motorcycle forum i've registered to. I've got a 1982 Honda CB650 project i've been working on for a while now. Unfortunately I am looking into selling in order to pay for a car. It's been a huge amount of fun for me to build, deffinitely a passion...
  4. Beginner to building bikes

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hey guys I'm new a rider and I'm really interested in learning how to rebuild and customize bikes. You guys have any recommendations on where a beginner that doesn't know much should start if he wants to learn?
  5. Custom Line-X Motorcycle Paint Job

    Paint Jobs & Paint Tech
    Hi Everyone, I wanted to let everyone know there is a great option in Line-X to do color and we even do pearl & candy on it. If you don't believe me you can check out one of our videos. The paint almost looks like it's moving. We have done several bikes some in multiple colors and designs. It...
  6. Our new CBX Titanium

    Choppers and Showbikes Forum
    We have completed the build on our new CBX Titanium. Our shop is Imagine! Vehicles International. You can see images of our bike on our website. These are the stats of our new bike: IVI CBX Titanium -Engine: 1150cc big bore kit with Falicon crank/rods, Wiseco pistons...
  7. Lookin' For Some Help....

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone. Name's Brian. I'm from Florida. Just got out of the Army(after 7 years in). Did 4 tours in that time. And now that I am home I can't get the idea of building my own motorcycle from the ground up out of my head. I have been doing some research and looking around but so far havn't...