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  1. How To
    Hey, ya'll - I'm looking to repair a few rips in an older nylon cover I got it from my bike's previous owner. One rip is about seven inches long, clean tear. The others are only a few inches. Right now they are tied shut from within with rubber bands. Any insights into a better repair? PS I...
  2. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Where I work, the parking lot has no cover at all. The sun beats down on every vehicle. I'd like to do something to keep the sun off my motorcycle, or at least the motor and seat. I know there are covers I could use, but would that make it worse? It seems a lot of them are black. Any ideas?
  3. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi, I need to replace the Alternator cover, and on the garage manual there is stated that one need to apply sealant on the outer part of the case, but there isnt any details on what type of sealant is required. Any ideas pls? thanks!
  4. Riders and the Law
    Anyone know the laws in California (Los Angeles) about using a motorcycle cover in permit parking neighborhoods? I live in a permit neighborhood and they are quick to ticket...the day I bought a new bike they ticketed me for no permit parking sticker...didn't even have plates yet. If I use a...
  5. Honda
    Hi all, So, I am upgrading my old no-name, ripped and worn motorcycle cover that I inherited with the my 1991 Nighthawk CB250. I'm considering: Nelson-Rigg Falcon Defender 2000 OR Guardian® WeatherAll™ Plus Motorcycle Cover - When I called Nelson-Rigg, they said L for the Defender 2000...
  6. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Surprised there isn't a topic on this, used the search option to look for one first but didn't find it. Anywho, what kind of motorcycle covers do you guys have? Half? Full? Are some better for dry vs wet weather, why or why not? Is there any other important use for a cover aside from preventing...
1-6 of 6 Results