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  1. General Motorcycle Discussion
    First off I want to thank everyone who commented on my last two post and all the information they gave me for it was much appreciated. I drive 40miles oneway to work, the commute mostly consists of 60 MPH and 65 mph highways and freeways(people usually are doing 80mph on these roads). I'm...
  2. General Motorcycle Discussion
    This is Matt and I’ve got a great new project for you. We want to build a commuter vehicle and we need your help. This vehicle will be affordable and eco friendly. The features and aesthetics will be chosen entirely by popular vote. The more people who engage in voting the better. So please...
  3. First Bike / New Rider
    I'll be moving to Atlanta in about 2 years and want some experience on a motorcycle before I move. What bikes, from your experience, are the best bikes to buy for city commuting?
  4. Sport Bike As First Bike
    I don't know which bike I should try to get. I know the TU 250x is a lot cheaper, but the the Bonneville is so sweet looking. Plus, the first thing I plan to do, is go on a cross country road trip with a friend of mine. I don't want a touring bike, because afterwards it will be my only means of...
1-4 of 5 Results