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clutch replacement

  1. Replacing a clutch cable--help please

    I noticed today that my bike was moving forward in first gear while I had the clutch pulled all the way in. On further inspection, I noticed that my clutch cable is frayed right next to the clutch handle. I have ordered the clutch cable but would prefer not to have the dealership install it...
  2. Clutch advice wanted: 2006 DR-Z125

    Motorcycle Repair
    I've spent the better part of a month looking for a step up from my step-son's XR50. I've looked at a lot of crap. Then I found what I'm hoping is a diamond in the rough, a 2006 Suzuki DR-Z125. It's a little bit bigger than what I was looking for, but I had no success in the 80-100 cc bikes, so...