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clutch issue

  1. Gears not working after taking off and on clutch lever. NEED HELP

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I took off the cluch lever and brake lever to paint them from silver to black on my Suzuki. I followed a youtube tutorial, since i had never done it before. And it was actually simpler than i thought. But now that i am done, the bike wont go into gear. I have not touched any setting things on...
  2. Motorcycle wont move in gear

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    i have a 1999 Gsxr SRAD 750. i used 10w 40 oil,replaced the clutch cable and plates and the bike wont move. i got the bike about a month ago, and it rode perfectly one time. the next time i hopped on her( about 3 hours after she was riding fine) she would barely move. I noticed the clutch was...
  3. Motorcycle Stalls When Releasing Clutch

    Motorcycle Repair
    Bike: 2001 Kawasaki Ninja 500R My clutch started slipping a month back, I took apart the clutch and put it back together after replacing the gasket and checking the plates. After putting the clutch plates back in (in the same order), and adding a new clutch cable, the motorcycle will not get in...
  4. Clutch Problems/lurching

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all, My name is Rob and I own a 1978 Honda CM185T. A few days ago my bike would not shift out of fourth gear. I took off the side cover and found the clutch discs stuck together. With a gentle wiggle they came free. I disassembled the pack and cleaned everything. Prior to reassembling I...
  5. Trans / clutch problems 81 Honda cm400

    Motorcycle Repair
    Greetings from Philadelphia! New guy needs some help, (shocking!). Took my '81 cm 400 custom apart over the winter, got all the rust and pitting off, cleaned the carbs and replaced some gaskets, bike looks great, problem is it won't shift. I have the lifter piece and circlip in the right places...
  6. Clutch issue but Master and Slave Cylinder working well

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, I'm Adam and I'm new on this forum. I'm searching for help. Bike model: Honda Nighthawk CB650SC 1983. (Hydraulic clutch) Issue: The clutch doesn't totally disengage when the clutch lever is fully pressed. When I press completly the clutch lever (in first gear) and try to move the bike...