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  1. Kawasaki GPZ 500S 1997 won't start, clicking noise when pressing ignition

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello guys, My Kawasaki GPZ 500S 1997 now refuses to start normally with the start button. When I press it nothing happens besides a "clicking" sound that seems to come from somewhere under the saddle, around the battery. Here is a video of the problem: Does anybody knows what is this issue...
  2. Virago won't start, starter clutch clicking

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey, I ride a 91 Yamaha Virago XV250. It's an old bike but I've never had this problem before. I gave it a wash a few days ago and the next day I tried to start it but all I got was intense clicking from the starter clutch. I recorded this video in the hopes it would help, but the forum won't...
  3. Clicking sound when starting

    Motorcycle Repair
    2005 GZ 250 The engine starts but it takes more and more attempts. The first 6 or 7 times it just clicks. I had the battery checked today and it's in great shape. My research suggests: 1. solenoid 2. starter motor going out 3. turn on switch (remote) are the most common causes of this...
  4. Suzuki gs500f is clicking...sigh

    Motorcycle Repair
    I'm a fairly new rider. I bought a 2005 Suzuki gs500f last summer and have put 4000 miles on the thing. Recently I hit a sewer cap, locked down the rear brake, and went sliding rather ungracefully along the asphalt. I was fine, but my bike lost a mirror and needed new handlebars. The fairings...