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  1. How To
    Hi all, I ride a Honda CMX500, and I want to customize it a little by wrapping it and then adding custom emblems. My idea is to add the Honda wings logo to both sides of the fuel tank in chrome (instead of the stickers) and then "Rebel" in a different font on the rear fender. I've figured...
  2. Paint Jobs & Paint Tech
    So I took a spill on my V star 1300, I got a small nick on the from tires cover and my Chrome exhaust got scratched pretty bad. The scratch on the tire cover is the size of a half dollar, I'd like to paint over this so it looks better. My question is, Would I just use the paint and base? and...
  3. Cruiser Forum
    Hello all, I've got a Honda Shadow I drove home last night for about 5 hours in the rain and sadly my rain suit pants scraped the mufflers slightly for part of the ride, burning some of the plastic/rubber material onto the pipes. Any suggestions for removing this stuff without scratching the...
  4. Paint Jobs & Paint Tech
    Anyone know how to strip chrome? I want to get the chrome off and get parts down to bare metal so I can do my own finish/coating.
1-4 of 5 Results