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  1. Small repairs on my V star

    Paint Jobs & Paint Tech
    So I took a spill on my V star 1300, I got a small nick on the from tires cover and my Chrome exhaust got scratched pretty bad. The scratch on the tire cover is the size of a half dollar, I'd like to paint over this so it looks better. My question is, Would I just use the paint and base? and...
  2. New guy from Pittsburgh PA

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all...just joining the forum. I have been involved with bikes all of my life and have been building Custom bikes and choppers for about 20 yrs...I also Owned my own polishing/chrome shop for 10 years and I now work for one of the best Chrome / restoration shops in the world. In the...
  3. Any Suggestions?

    Cruiser Forum
    Hello all, I've got a Honda Shadow I drove home last night for about 5 hours in the rain and sadly my rain suit pants scraped the mufflers slightly for part of the ride, burning some of the plastic/rubber material onto the pipes. Any suggestions for removing this stuff without scratching the...
  4. How can I strip chrome?

    Paint Jobs & Paint Tech
    Anyone know how to strip chrome? I want to get the chrome off and get parts down to bare metal so I can do my own finish/coating.