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  1. Beautiful beasts Part (2) is here

    Choppers and Showbikes Forum
    Hope you like it Let me know what you think Beautiful beasts part (2)
  2. Great American Motorcycle Show Atlanta - dates announced!!

    Southeastern USA
    Great American Motorcycle Show North Atlanta Trade Center - January 29-31, 2016 Going strong since 1992! Over 3 1/2 Football Fields full of new foreign and domestic motorcycles. One of a kind custom rides, sport bikes, touring, choppers, trailers, parts, apparel and anything you need to ride...
  3. Creating your own bike?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I am looking for a website that allows you to create your own motorcycle. Hopefully one that will allow you to choose a frame type, wheel base, etc. I am hoping to find one that's free, but if not a software would be ok too.
  4. New/used Bike Under $2600-USD (Bank Loan) Is Chinese only option for new?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi all- here's the background info... My girlfriend bought a new cheap little 50cc Chinese scooter a year and a half ago. I never really paid riding much thought in the past, but we both have really come to enjoy driving around town and have used the hell out of it. We both feel it's time to...
  5. Another new California guy

    New Member Introductions
    Old Shool Motorcycle guy - Been riding 50 plus years - have owned over 50 bikes - Have 6 in the stable right now - Lots of pix's on my site On my site you will see my latest project - It's a 1964 Honda 305 Chopper - I have known this bike for 48 years - Han't seen the bike in almost that long...
  6. New guy from Pittsburgh PA

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all...just joining the forum. I have been involved with bikes all of my life and have been building Custom bikes and choppers for about 20 yrs...I also Owned my own polishing/chrome shop for 10 years and I now work for one of the best Chrome / restoration shops in the world. In the...
  7. Cheese Head Choppers Motorcycle Art- A hello from Wisconsin

    New Member Introductions
    A child of the 60's and 70's, my art was influenced by artists of these years. Formed in an environment, that had no limits. The fences, that had retained, artistic freedom had been destroyed. Like a wild horse, let free. Artists were set loose, racing forward sometimes with out control...
  8. Allow me to 'introduce' myself

    New Member Introductions
    I am a "growing older" Architect in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I bought my first motorcycles in 1971 after returning from Vietnam. I just wanted a small "get around town" sorta bike ... a Kawasaki Bushmaster (100cc) A month later, I traded up to a Kawasaki 350 Avenger. The riding bug had bit me...
  9. Chopper project - 750 Yamaha Special

    Choppers and Showbikes Forum
    So I found a bike on craigslist that was cheap and "was" running" when they last started it in October. I went to look at it and found it literally in a chicken coup. I ended up getting it for 100 bucks! And for being in a chicken coup it is in really good shape. It ended up being a 1979...
  10. my riding clips

    Videography Showcase
  11. Thinking of buying a bobber

    Choppers and Showbikes Forum
    I am looking at buying an 81' twinstar that has been turned into a bobber. I want a cool little bike to get around town and this seems like it. I was just wondering, Im new to the bobber world, what should I be keeping an eye out for? I mean, is there generally common issues that are had with...
  12. Trida RebeVille (Mega chopper/photochop awesomeness)

    Photography Showcase
    so if I found a rebel for like a thousand bucks... and I had another thousand bucks... and a REALLY crazy wild hare thought that I let get away... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- With the Thruxton seat, and tank, and a Triumph headlight/gauge...
  13. rigid. bobber. 4q. kickstart. springer.

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    i want this. :// they wont let me put a link so just add http to the beginning and it will take you to max schaffs 4q site. so i guess my question would be how do i start getting to my...
  14. 1998 Vulcan500 into Bobber build

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    OK, soo I just started riding last sring when I bought this 500. I had to have it delivered home b/c I didn't know how to ride! Anyhoo its bone stock ~8000 mile (6k when I bought it). I need to do all this on the cheap, so I include what I'm paying for parts. My plans are new (2me) drag bars...
  15. tigett in the NW

    New Member Introductions
    34 yr Male, married w/ 2 daughters (5yrs and 8mo). I just started riding spring 2007 as a mid-life crisis hobby. I bought a 98 vulcan 500, that I had to have delivered home becuase I didnt know how to ride yet, ha. Now 2000 riding miles and a year and a half later I'm tearing apart a perfectly...
  16. Chopper Build, many mockup parts there

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hello there all gear heads, I have started a project, a motorcycle project. Maybe a strange way to build a chopper. I bought whatever will go good on the project, and I think I am building a beast. The first time I saw this chopper in a "mini" chopper form, it used to have a 49cc motor, which...