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  1. Advice with Insurance

    Sportsbike Forum
    So currently I ride a 2008 ninja 250r. I love it and ride every day however I'm looking to buy something with more power. I've ridden a few of my friends bikes like the cbr 600 and a r6. The only problem is I'm getting screwed with any quotes for insurance. Currently I go through progressive for...
  2. Fixing carbs on the cheap?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Got a Honda 1982 CB900C last summer. First bike, and I love it. But, it the carbs have gone to trash since then (I live in AR and can still ride), and only 3 cylinders fire anymore. Here's the problem: carb rebuild kits (because I'm relatively sure the bowl o-rings will be shot) are $36/piece...
  3. Super cheap&easy LED mod! ~5$

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hi, I just finnished putting some LED's on my CBR125. Here's how it looks: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO It only cost me a total of about $5, and I got the parts of eBay. You can do this wherever you live, since they offer free international shipping. If anybody wants me to do another video on how I...
  4. 80's cruiser/ standard for under $1000?

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    Hey guys, I have wanted to get involved in biking for a while, but it looks like this summer may be my first real opportunity because I will actually have a little extra money. My question is this:Is it legitimate to want to get a decent cruiser/standard style bike from the 80's (sucha as a...
  5. new guy with a SV650S for sale in DFW, TX

    New Member Introductions
    hey i'm JT from Lewisville, TX
  6. Good/Cheap Mechanic in Philadelphia? Need Tires Changed

    Motorcycle Repair
    My first thread here... So I've called a few places. Dealers wanted $300 just to change the tires, not actually including the rubber! Said would be around $500 for everything installed. That seems absolutely crazy to me... Called a scooter repair place and they quoted me about $140 to...
  7. How much should I plan to spend????

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So I've had a bike now for about 2 years and go riding with my grandfather alot. Since it has been kind of a bonding experience for us, he has always paid my insurance in exchange for some quality time with his grandson, and just cuz he was a good guy. The long and short of it is he recently...