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  1. General Motorcycle Discussion
    1987 Yamaha virago 535. It would slowly drain the battery when running, and never charge more than 12,6V at high rpm's. 1: Measured the stator AC output with engine running, outputs gave 30V, 30V and 2,5V at 2000rpm. --> replaced the stator. Note: also bought a new regulator...
  2. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hey all! New member here. I am joining a few forums to see if ANYONE can help me with the issues I am having with my 1974 XL175. I bought this bike about 4 months ago, I just got done getting the title and all the paperwork done for her. But there has been a problem facing this bike, the...
  3. Honda
    We have been trying to revive a 1985 honda Shadow vt500c bobber project that we have dubbed "The Pig" We got it as a basket case. We're almost there and have heard it run, but we're having an issue with the electrical system. Here's where we're at,...... The carbs have been rebuilt and...
  4. Motorcycle Repair
    I have two old Japanese motorcycles and recently I have been struck with bad battery luck. I have had them hooked up to battery tenders (trickle chargers) for days on end to keep the battery fresh. Well I just started noticing that the batteries are boiling...or at least thats how they sound...
  5. General Motorcycle Discussion
    hello, i have a 1973 honda sl 125 that runs great, however when i turn the headlight on, it stops charging and the battery eventually goes dead, without the headlight on it charges fine. i just out a new regulator/rectifier on it. any advice would help considerably. thanks!
  6. General Motorcycle Discussion
    batteries lose charge and bike stalls. this happened after they added LED turn signal lights to the rear fender. what could they have messed up or shorted in that area of the bike? how do you find the diodes on this bike also in relation to looking at the bike from each side? Ray
  7. Motorcycle Repair
    I replaced a stator on a VT1100C2 Sabre and it charged for a couple hundred miles, and then the battery died. I just tested it again and is showing continuity between all 3 leads and ground, just like the one I replaced. I don't know what it is but something is burning these up in my bike. I...
1-7 of 8 Results