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  1. Changing inner tube on TS185?

    Motorcycle Repair
    My 1975 Suzuki TS185 has a flat inner tube and it needs replaced. Whenever i fill it you hear an eerie air leak coming from an unknown area. sometimes i think its leaking from the vale stem itself. anyways what is are some steps to take off the rear tire because ive never attemped to change one...
  2. New rider, big oops! (oil change)

    I'm a new rider with an 82 Yamaha 650 Seca. I'm mechanically inclined and have changed oil on my car before, but when I changed the oil on my bike I put too much in (aboutt 1/2 a liter). I ran it on the center stand and it sounded a little funny, but the glass sight showed a little bit of air...