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  1. 1980 Suzuki gs550 NO SPARK

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi I'm new to this forum but I thought it would be a good way to get some opinions on my problem. I recently bought a 1980 gs550 for $250. Right now I'm in the process of painting and cleaning it up. But a bigger issue is the fact that it won't start. First of all the start button does not turn...
  2. Any XT350 Owners in Sacramento Area Who Can Help Me Test CDI?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi - My '99XT simply will not start. I had it in the shop and it has gone through every conceivable test and it passes with flying colors. The only thing that can't be tested directly is the CDI Unit. I really don't want to buy a new one ~$300 or an eBay one that might be working for ~$200. The...
  3. Runs well, then weak spark

    Motorcycle Repair
    I've been working on a 1978 Honda CB400TII and I had it running for a little while before it died and has been starting sometimes and not other times ever since then. I did a bunch of tests on it today (it decided to run for a couple minutes) and they all seemed to meet the specifications. When...
  4. No Spark - CDI Ignitor

    I tried to start bike (Yamama V Star XVS 650 Classic California model) but could not. Determined that there was no spark. Checked Ignition Coils. Rear coil howed a higher resistence than the range specified. I replaced, but still no spark. I cleaned connections and used grease for...
  5. CDI for suzuki vl 125 intruder???

    Cruiser Forum
    does anyone no wat different cdi units will fit on a suzuki vl 125 intruder becuz my mate needs a new one and we cant find anything Thank you.