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  1. Chihwah

    New Member Introduction
    Hello, When I was 18 I started with a Suzuki RGV 250. Then drove car for a period. Now I am driving a motorcycle again. It's a Honda CB750 nighthawk from '91. Racers and no fun to drive, I like power and relax driving. I am enjoying motorcycles much more now with my good old CB750. No way I am...
  2. Need help... dual disk dual piston honda front end?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a front end i was told was from an 80's cb750. it has dual disk brakes and dual piston calipers. Does anyone know what year/model these came from? i am wanting to put the top triple tree clamp from a cb450 for the removable risers but unsure of the fitment. Any feedback helps as i am...
  3. 1981 Honda CB750 Custom won't start

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey everyone, I just bought my first bike and wanted to put some work into it so I bought once needing a new stator. I was told it would start after this...well it doesn't. I have put in a new battery, a stator, a new starter solenoid relay and still nothing. It used to start to turn but would...
  4. Possible First Bike - 1976 Honda CB750

    First Bike / New Rider
    I've been searching for 70's Hondas, anything over 250cc. I found a 1976 Honda CB 750 SS Supersport for $850 on craigslist. It needs work. Here is the the text from the ad: "For sale I have a nice 1976 Honda CB 750 SS Supersport. This bike is just screaming to be built into a cafe racer. It...
  5. CB 750f Value

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    Hello, I've been looking around craigslist to find my first bike. I'm hoping to keep it under $1k. I recently found this bike, and it seems like it is extremely undervalued. Here is the ad: "A nice 79 Honda cb750f supersport 9065 miles, tank is in primer (original rusted thru) new rear tire...
  6. Hello from NY City

    New Member Introductions
    Hi. My name is Mike and I am a newbie. Been riding since I was 27 and I am now 45. Owned alot of bikes. I currently have a 1970 Triumph, a 1977 Harley XLCR (Extra Large Cafe Racer), and what has brought me here- a 1975 CB550. Hondas were never my thing until I discovered Denver Mullins who built...
  7. Carb float bowl needle broke(jet too) - 1979 cb750k

    Motorcycle Repair
    So, got my carbs out and cleaning them. I discovered a nice crack in the needle on the float bowl(leading to the overflow valve. Stupidly, I decided to wiggle it so see how bad it was, and *snap*, it came off. Also, one of the primary main jets is chipped, and was put in way too tight by the...
  8. value of 1978 honda cb750 four K

    Vintage Forum
    just picked up a 1978 honda cb750 with all original parts and original paint. any idea on what the market is like for these bikes? i was thinking about doing some customizations but is it worth too much? possibly turning it into a bobber... does anyone out there think this is a horrible idea?
  9. 1974 CB750 K4 - problems bogging down around 4-5K

    Hey everybody, I have a 1974 CB750 K4 with Hooker 4 to 1s and have just started having problems bogging down around 4-5K rpm. I have had the bike for a few years and don't get to ride it as much as I would like, but I usually get a 100-150 mile run in every month or so. At the end of May...