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  1. Bike won't start with choke closed?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello to everyone I'm a new rider and a new member here! It doesn't seem like a huge problem, but it's weird and it's bugging me so I wanted to hear from the experts. I have a 1973 Honda CB450. It starts and drives fine. The only problem is that it doesn't start with the choke closed. It only...
  2. 1973 Honda CB450 Losing Power

    Vintage Forum
    Hey Y'all, I just bought a 1973 Honda CB450. It's been running fine until a couple days ago. What happens is I'll be cruising along in 3rd or 4th gear at <30mph and suddenly lose about half my power. When I slow to a stop and put in the clutch the engine dies, but when I release the clutch the...
  3. Help with 1974 Honda cb450

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello, My grandma had a 1974 honda cb450 k7 sitting in a shed falling apart and I am attempting to restore it. It was my uncle's and has been sitting since 1994. I don't know anything about motorcycles and have never had a motorcycle before. I have a friend who knows motorcycles and he helped...
  4. Need help... dual disk dual piston honda front end?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a front end i was told was from an 80's cb750. it has dual disk brakes and dual piston calipers. Does anyone know what year/model these came from? i am wanting to put the top triple tree clamp from a cb450 for the removable risers but unsure of the fitment. Any feedback helps as i am...
  5. Help! Is this motorcycle worth it??

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello, I am a new female rider. just got my motorcycle endorsement and im ready to ride! i found a "what seems to be nice" motorcycle on craigslist. its a 1982 Honda Nighthawk cb450 Custom Bobber, The guy just so happens to be my neighbor, He was selling it for 1,800 and when down to 1,400. Im...
  6. Hello from Kansas City, MO.

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, My name is Brian and I just bought my first bike. It is a 1974 Honda CB450 with around 11k miles. I rode some atvs and mopeds as a kid but really got the urge to buy an adult bike over the last year or so. I took the MSF course this spring and had a blast meeting new people and...
  7. 73 CB450 Dumping gas out of the distributor????

    I am at a loss on this one it's not flooding the carbs but I have absolutey no clue why or how you get gas coming out of the points. :confused: Anyone Have a clue I am beyond lost and at this point and would like to get it running before winter gets here.
  8. 1971 Honda CB450 Restoration Thread

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hello All I have recently purchased a 1971 Honda CB450 as my first motorcycle. The bike was not running when I purchased it (thought I was led to believe otherwise), however this didn't bother me as I had planned to do a near full restoration to the bike within the next year or so. I had done a...
  9. 1972 Honda CB450 Electrical Problem

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys. i have a 72 cb450 that runs really well...but for some reason lately i have had battery problems... history... The bike started and then slowly but surely every time i would start it after the battery would lose more and more power until it eventually went dead...i thought i might...
  10. 1973 Honda CL450 Losing Power and Dying

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, I've got a restored 1973 Honda CL450 (K5) that I bought as my first bike last summer. It's got 16k miles and it's been running great up until now. Several months ago I was riding home late one night when at around 45mph in 4th gear I began to lose about half my power. I downshifted and...
  11. CB450k4 Hard kickstart and starter motor unable to start motor

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all, new to this forum. Short story: '71 cb450 motor and only the necessities to start, kick started fine the first time, and it idled fine. Next, tried the starter motor, didn't work, gas shot from air jet. Kick start is now verrryyy difficult to turn, and it doesn't spring back up...