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  1. 1972 CB175 Resurreciton Questions

    Vintage Forum
    Hey guys! I am currently resurrecting a 1972 Honda CB175, I started by ultrasonic cleaning the carbs and jets. Got 90% of that old caked on grime and gunk. I then used some really small sewing needles and of course some carb cleaner/CLR to get off all of the lime and the gunk that was really...
  2. Honda CL175 Scrambler 1970 Ignition Switch Question

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have tried Google and own the Clymer guide but I still have no idea how to remove the Ignition switch on this bike. It was the weirdest thing, bike is running fine, I drove it yesterday parked it and when I went to go home, I put my key in and it wouldn't turn. Now because I forced it the key...
  3. Fixing a cb350

    First Bike / New Rider
    hey i'm a new rider looking for my first bike cheap, looking for advice on which to get. 3 options 1. broken down honda 71 cb 350. The engine is seized with 12,340 miles on it, the carbs need to be rebuilt, needs new tires, and it does have pitting/rust.Pretty much everything is there except...
  4. Just got '69 Honda CB175, need starter tips

    First Bike / New Rider
    I just got my first motorcycle, the thing Im having problems with are starting it. Its a kick starter. I've tried lowering and rasing the choke but it still doen't turn over and if it does it'll die out just as soon as it started. The engine has 13,500 miles on it and new spark plugs. Sorry for...