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  1. Hello! CB125 owner. Looking for a front brake cable that won't take 2 months to ship!

    I own a 1975 Honda CB125S and I have been rebuilding a lot of stuff on it with the help of some friends. I need to find a front brake cable. There are ones listed on eBay that look perfect, however since they are all located in Thailand it will take a long time to ship (October possibly!) I was...
  2. First Bike

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi There, I'm new to this forum and to motorcycling in general, so I was hoping for some advice. It's time for me to get my first motorcycle. Here are some facts: 1. I'll be using this mainly for getting to school and to town. Therefore, I do not need a high-speed bike and would like to have...
  3. Honda cb125x newbie

    I just bought this 1983 Honda cb125x and I've no idea how to ride or keep this. I daily drive and wrench a 4 banger carb car so I kinda get how it works, but I want to know what quirks I can expect from this kind of bike. Also I'm interested in any tastefull, time period correct, mods I could...
  4. Oil Leak - Help would be appreciated!

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey all! New to riding. Just picked up my first bike a few weeks ago - a 1975 Honda CB 125s. Took it in for a look over and the mechanic said it is in great shape. I'm attempting to learn as I go regarding repairs but could use some help at the moment. I have a small oil leak (one or two...
  5. A newb and a battery problem. Help!

    Motorcycle Repair
    Just got my first bike the other day. Honda cb125, nice little bike! Has a couple of other minor fixes to be made, so I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again. :P Bought it with the battery flat. Went to switch out the new one, and when I hooked it up the wires near the battery started...
  6. Go home CB100, you're drunk.

    Motorcycle Repair
    This question is sort of weird. So, when I ride my CB100 and sit back in the seat a little, I have high RPM issues and can't get over 30 MPH because it sputters to death. Why is it, when I sit all the way forward in the seat like I'm supposed to, does it function fine? I just found it a little...
  7. CB125S Dies at Idle

    I have a Honda 1980 CB125S that I picked up that was not running since the owner said it had not been run in years and the fuel tank/carb was varnished up. Problem I am having is that it only runs on choke. Or sometimes it will idle at No Choke, but as soon as you open the throttle a bit, it...
  8. 1974 cb125

    Vintage Forum
    Found locally, had been parked under a cover for about 9 years. Overall it's in pretty good condition (broken side covers, dead control cables, no seat foam/cover, rotted tires). I have a bare seat pan, but the bike came with a seat from an unknown Honda to make it look complete...
  9. New Motorbike Restoration Project

    New Member Introductions
    Should I upload some photo's for everyone to see?
  10. I need help with my 1980 honda cb125s!

    Motorcycle Repair
    firstly thank you for seeing if you can help me out, i really appreciate that! well i just purchased my first motorcycle, but i have been working on a 70s moped for almost 2 years. It is a 1980 Honda cb125s, it has 3200 original miles on it. it was never really ridden, and it was left to sit...