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  1. New to this

    New Member Introductions
    What's up everyone, my name is Garrett, I'm 19 y/o coming to you guys from Nashville, TN. I'm currently a college undergrad student pursuing a degree in computer science. I've haven't had much experience with bikes (only with a little 2008 Honda 75 dirtbike). But, last week I got my hands on a...
  2. Honda CB100 wiring problems.

    Motorcycle Repair
    This is my first bike, and I am running into some issues with the wiring. The bike will start up and ride just fine about 70% of the time, but it has a very strange problem every once and a while. The lights will come on when the engine is off and they will all work fine, but once the engine is...
  3. Go home CB100, you're drunk.

    Motorcycle Repair
    This question is sort of weird. So, when I ride my CB100 and sit back in the seat a little, I have high RPM issues and can't get over 30 MPH because it sputters to death. Why is it, when I sit all the way forward in the seat like I'm supposed to, does it function fine? I just found it a little...
  4. Ah, the good ol' CB100

    Motorcycle Repair
    I purchased a 1972 Honda CB100 for $300 (The engine was locked up, and the kick starter shaft is snapped off the original engine.) and a 1974 XL100 for the engine. I had it running, but then it died when I adjusted the carb. For the life of me I couldn't get it to start. The engine backfired...
  5. 73' CB100 Won't Start

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all, well my wifes little cb100 wont kickstart now. it was working great and has slowly gone down hill. First when it wouldn't kickstart I could put it in gear and hold the clutch, run with it and then release the clutch and it would start, now nothing. Before I go ripping into anything...