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  1. Hello From Logan Utah

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all I am new to motorcycle forum. I've been riding motorcycles for about 20 years and have owned several. Currently I own 3 1970's vintage Hondas. I don't have natural mechanical ability and was looking for a bike to learn to wrench on. I found 3 "barn bikes" which were running when they...
  2. 1974 CB750 K4 - problems bogging down around 4-5K

    Hey everybody, I have a 1974 CB750 K4 with Hooker 4 to 1s and have just started having problems bogging down around 4-5K rpm. I have had the bike for a few years and don't get to ride it as much as I would like, but I usually get a 100-150 mile run in every month or so. At the end of May...