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  1. 82 GS850 carb swap. please help.

    Story goes, I found a couple bad diaphragms in the CV carbs off my 82 GS 850. Those slides don't have replaceable boots and the diaphragms are prohibitively expensive (150+ per carb). My brother bought me a 79 GS850 with VM carbs on it but the displacement is different. (26mm versus the stock...
  2. Kawasaki ke 100 carb problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi everyone. I recently bought a 1981 Kawasaki KE 100. When I bought the bike it wouldn't run at all, but after an extensive carburetor clean the bike would fire up but then rev up and would just about red line. A friend of mine suggested that I seal the carburetor on with gasket sealer in...
  3. 1980 Yamaha XS400

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi All, I've been wrenching on the above bike for a while, got it running, sometimes that is. It starts up, with more than the desired amount of kickstarts (electric start clicks but doesn't catch), and when it does. It won't idle unless its on the choke. To make things clear once it starts...
  4. Yamaha Seca II (XJ600) Carb Help PLEASE!!!

    Motorcycle Repair
    Ok here is the full story... I bought this 1995 XJ600 on ebay and it would start and idle but the second you touch the throttle it would die. Then after some new gas and in tank carb cleaner it would idle and I could rev it to about 3000 RPM then it would die. Took the carbs apart and cleaned...