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carb clean

  1. GS500f Carbs Leaking

    Motorcycle Repair
    Okay im completely lost, someone please help.. I bought a gs500f 2005 6 months ago running great. During lockdown it was left in the garage for 2 months. After those two months it had trouble starting and ruinning whcih turned out to be one of the two carbs having its float stuck closed. Fair...
  2. Star 650 Carb Remove, Clean, Rebuild, Reinstall, ReSync Series

    In a previous video I'd discussed the possibility of cleaning the jets on this bike without removing the carb in certain conditions where they get plugged due to ethanol. In most cases there are issues where the carbs must be removed for a complete break-down and rebuild. This video begins with...
  3. Ninja won't start after carb clean

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all, I bought this old beat up 2002 Ninja 250 as my first bike about 2 years ago and it ran well for a summer. Last year it had some trouble with idling and this year after sitting all winter (about 4 months) I found that it wouldn't start. I took out and cleaned my carburetors, put the bike...
  4. Hi! I have a few questions about 83-85 Nighthawk 650's

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everybody! I've been looking at a few Honda Nighthawks ranging in years '83-'85. I've read good things but have also heard some not so great things about owning an older bike. This would be my first bike and I'd like it to last me a while and spend more time riding than wrenching, not to...
  5. Fixing carbs on the cheap?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Got a Honda 1982 CB900C last summer. First bike, and I love it. But, it the carbs have gone to trash since then (I live in AR and can still ride), and only 3 cylinders fire anymore. Here's the problem: carb rebuild kits (because I'm relatively sure the bowl o-rings will be shot) are $36/piece...
  6. Problems: regulator or carb?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I bought a 1981 Yamaha XS400 as a starter bike a few months ago. It always idled a bit high (around 2,500 rpms) but that was the only thing wrong with it. A few weeks ago I got on it (it had only been a week since my last ride) and it wouldn't start. When pushing the start button, there was a...
  7. Engine rebuilt -good or bad?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi everbody! I'm looking to buy my first bike and Im looking at a 1994 kawasaki ninja 250. The ad Im looking at says: "6000mi, motor rebuild last summer, new plugs, valves lapped, carb cleaned, etc. May need another carb clean" I know less than nothing about mechanics, so I was just wondering if...