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  1. Monterey Area Stay Over

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    Group of us are planning a ride up Hwy 1 to Monterey in a month. Thinking it would be cool to find a campsite with nice, fully furnished cabins around Monterey. Too old to rough it. Something with a restaurant/bar on site or within a short distance. Just an outdoorsy place to land without a lot...
  2. First Time Doing It And I loved it

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So I deceived to take my bike and disappear with the tent and camp first time for me and I loved it... going to start planning a trip to France next,. With camping and hostels!! check out the camping vid and set up 😁 don’t forget to like and subscribe you know the rules 😂😂👍
  3. Hello Everybody!

    New Member Introductions
    Great to be here! My name is Travis and I am a nomad advocate. I care deeply about our National Parks and believe in the importance of volunteerism. I write about interesting facts and news about our National Parks, highlight incredible volunteer opportunities and community projects, and...
  4. Introduction

    New Member Introductions
    Name is Larry.
  5. Motorcycle Tours

    Riding Companions Wanted
    A great way to enjoy the ride - without all of the hasstle! No worrying about where to stay,where to eat, where the gas stops are. We provide www. I am the owner/tour guide for Motorcycle Camping Adventures. We sell all-inclusive* motorcycle camping tours. We...