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  1. Wanted to Buy - WTB
    Starting my restoration of a 1965 Honda C102. I'm in need of the float bowl cover, petcock housing. It's the only thing that didn't clean up to be usable. A complete carb would work too. Pictures posted of the original parts. I've got an aftermarket carb on the way just to make sure I could get...
  2. Honda
    Hi, This is the pushrod engine. I have removed the 4 obvious bolts but valve cover or head still not coming off. Can't find a pic of the parts but I assume the cylinder and head are 3 parts: the valve cover casting (no fins), the head with fins, and the cylinder. There is a nut on the head that...
  3. Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys. I recently bought a second hand possibly lemon 1989 Honda dream c100. I bought it out of necessity: I needed a ride to my new job, and I only had 3-400 bucks to spend on wheels. Got it for approximately $383 in local currency. Looking at how quickly it eats gas and engine oil, along...
1-3 of 4 Results