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  1. The best vintage bike for commuting?

    Vintage Forum
    What vintage bikes would you consider best for short-distance commuting? Anyone out there have a vintage bike as a daily driver? I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts. I am looking to buy a daily driver that I can rely on to get me to work (only 10 miles away). I love the old British...
  2. Old Rider, New Member

    New Member Introductions
    Hi crew! I've been riding since Harley was still building Panheads, and still love it! I've owned bikes built by H-D, Triumph, BSA, friends down at the local bike shop, and me. I spend most of my weekends working at bike shows, car shows, and air shows, which gives me ample riding time in the...
  3. inconsistant throttle with handlebar movement

    Motorcycle Repair
    i just purchased a 1970 BSA 441... just a single... there are a few problems, but nothing insane... the carb is clean and she starts up after 6-8 kicks using a compression release (i no longer need to go to the gym) Ides a little high... but i am still finding the right mixture and...