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  1. Honda
    hi, im disassembling the rear of my 1973 honda ss50 because there is a crack in my rear frok. Im followed the shop manual, disassembled all the things that should be gone but the final bolt (the pivot bolt that connects the rear fork to the chassis) wont come out it wil rotate in the chassis...
  2. Motorcycle Repair
    Hello, Im trying to change the rings and top end gaskets of my 1985 Honda Nighthawk 700, and Ive successfully removed the cylinder head, carbs, pipes ect but I cant, for the life of me, seem to remove the cylinder jug portion. I know there are four bolts/nuts connecting it to the crank case...
  3. Building, Restoration & Modification
    I found this old thing in the basement. I was originally going to use an old 110v dryer motor with a 5 gallon bucket but I think this will work too. It was in the house when we moved in, I wouldn't use it for ice cream anymore but I'm running my first few pieces through right now. First few...
1-3 of 3 Results