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  1. New Member Introductions
    I just picked up two bikes. The BMW I used to have became mine again, but needs work before I get it back on the road. Until then I am doing little short trips on the Suzuki DR Z400S getting my feel for two wheels back.
  2. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Looking at getting a BMW F900XR, but need some help on how it'll handle a big and heavy rider. I've sat on the bike, and it feels very nice in terms of ergonomics and general feeling, and now I might get a good deal on one that's functionally new but at a 2-3k USD discount. Trouble is I'll have...
  3. BMW
    Hello, I have a 1976 BMW R60/6 and am interested in messing with speedometer and tachometer. Was looking for recommendations on streamlining the clunky instrument panel it originally comes with. Either down sizing the gauges to smaller ones, or ideally finding a headlight bucket that has an...
  4. BMW
    Hi all, So I’ve recently moved to Switzerland and want to bring my fathers old BMW 1150 GS (2001) but I was told today that I need this certificate ‘certificat de conformité ’ . Does anyone own such a certificate so that I can get an approximate price for importing the bike over? Cheers James
  5. New Member Introductions
    Have been riding 45 years, any time spent on two wheels is time spent doing what I love to do. Living in Colorado have some of the most breath taking scenic rides of any place I know of, winding mountain roads that require you to pay attention, but are pure joy to travel on. Presently riding a...
  6. For Sale - WTS
    I am selling my father's classic and original BMW R90s from 1975 in orange colour. It is being sold as he passed away. He loved his motorbikes and it is in decent condition, the battery works and the bike starts. The mileage is 11,210. It will definitely need some work done on it and I will list...
  7. New Member Introductions
    I'm riding again after a 30 year hiatus. I bought a lightly used R 1200 CL Beemer to break back in and find my stride.
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I'm a new BMW bike owner ('91 K75s) I have owned BMW autos and love the company and the way that they are built. I am an experienced auto mechanic (not professional), but not a motorcycle mechanic so I'll need some advice along the way. I live with my wife and daughter in central...
  9. Motorcycle News Articles
    Look at this beauty! Source: BMW Motorrad Presents The Blechmann R18 Custom
  10. BMW
    So the rear shock on my 1998 bmw r1100rs is starting to leak profusely. I'm looking into replacing it. Trying to get some ideas for a decent upgrade or if I should just go with OEM.
  11. General Motorcycle Discussion
    BMW just launched the R18 yesterday!....and it looks amazing! The amount of customization that can be done to this bike is LIMITLESS! _ Source: 2020 BMW R18 Price, Specs and Options
  12. Motorcycle News in the News
    Did you know BMW started manufacturing motorcycles before cars?? Source: 1923 BMW R32: The First BMW Motorcycle
  13. General Motorcycle Discussion
    So BMW has been teasing us with their concept for some time now. Some guys spotted the prototype and finally, BMW officially announced the launch a few weeks back (Source : iMotorbike). What do you guys think of it? I'm really triggered to hear the 1.8L boxer engine lol
  14. First Bike / New Rider
    Hey all! So for background, I am a college student about to turn 20. I am 5'11" and 245 lbs. I go to college in NYC but am currently taking a semester off due to some health issues. I never learned how to drive a car because of bad anxiety problems in high school and once I was accepted to a...
  15. Motorcycle Repair
    Hi! I'm a new owner of a BMW R1200GS from 2007 that has a few electrical issues... mainly the Tire pressure sensors that give very intermittent readings. I can't say they never work, occasionally they appear but most of the time I can rely on them to not work. I thought that because either...
  16. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Last couple of years we have been visiting Smokey Mountains. Renting bikes there have been easy. Also when you prefer a solid BMW (1200 GS) On this years tour we will fly into New York and take it from there. But we have run into a problem. Where to rent something (two bikes, month of May...
  17. Motorcycle Repair
    Good Morning Everybody, I am new to the group here, as I just purchased a BMW earlier in the year. It is a 1997 BMW R1100RT. It has been a really great bike, thus far, however, the clutch seems to be slipping. I noticed it starting about a week ago. When I apply full throttle, the RPM's...
  18. Motorcycle Repair
    I just got the bike a few days ago and already it won't start. It makes a terrible clicking sound whenever I press the start button. See video that contains the sound here: <a href="">Video</a> A few days ago I had trouble starting it, but it was the starter...
  19. Motorcycle Repair
    Firstly, thanks for reading. I am putting back together a 1992 BMW R80 (monolever) and am in the process of putting the clutch arm assembly back on. I purchased a new boot and in putting it back on it doesn't seem to be fitting back together correctly. I have no understanding of how the clutch...
  20. BMW
    Pretty straight forward question, BMW keeps tighter tabs on there manuals then Harley Davidson. Ive got a chilton for my 92 k75 but really, its just instructions on how to change the parts. no real information on testing them.
1-20 of 44 Results