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  1. 🏍 General Motorcycle Discussion 🏍
    Looking at getting a BMW F900XR, but need some help on how it'll handle a big and heavy rider. I've sat on the bike, and it feels very nice in terms of ergonomics and general feeling, and now I might get a good deal on one that's functionally new but at a 2-3k USD discount. Trouble is I'll have...
  2. Sportsbike Forum
    So, I've been helping this guy produce his bike reviews. He's going to do some reviews of vintage bikes and he's done done reviews of cruisers as well. He goes from city to city and asks dealers to test ride bikes and then, he posts his review. Check out our latest review of the BMW F900
  3. 🏍 General Motorcycle Discussion 🏍
    Hi, Looking for peoples opinions....I do mostly 2 lane highway commuting. About an hour each way. I’m interested in the CB650R and both BMW F900R and F900XR. What are your thoughts for that type of driving. The XR has the windscreen which could be good. Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results