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  1. 1978 XL 250 Wiring Issue

    Motorcycle Repair
    If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I crashed the bike a while back, and had to replace the headlight assembly. I had to disconnect and reconnect all the wiring. The issue I'm having is that the tail light blinks when the blinkers blink. In addition, the brake light is not...
  2. Wired up new ignition switch, but turn signals aren't working correctly

    Motorcycle Repair
    I'm trying to get a new ignition switch wired up correctly on my 1978 Honda CB400 Hawk 2. The switch is one of those "auto" style, or more accurately, boat ignition switches that turns the bike on in the first position and turns over the motor in the second position. So I've removed the old...
  3. swapping out old incandescent bulbs for LED's, Turn signals wont flash

    First Bike / New Rider
    I have a 1983 Suzuki GS750E i recently purchased front and rear led indicator assemblies from Ebay. I have only started with the rears so far and i have found that even though the power is connected properly but they will not flash, i reconnected the old and they work. I am assuming that this is...
  4. Lights and Luminous accessories

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi everyone, Besides wanting to overhaul my electrical because my horn and one blinker is not working, I was wondering if there are any recommended headlight bulbs or blinkers that increase visibility. Also, I was going to look into aftermarket sub headlights (like fog-lights), and at what...