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    Hello everyone I was wondering which review website everyone uses! I use and I was wondering if I'm using the right website. I had a bad experience buying gear and I want to avoid that from now on. I stumbled across this website and I see a lot of awesome...
  2. Hi from Ontario

    New Member Introductions
    Lonnnnng time cycle rider, mostly into vintage and classic rides but I do have a newer 900 Triumph Trophy for the long hauls. I appreciate stock motorcycles but my passion is Cafe, bobbers and customized cycle really. Working on a 1971 Honda CB750 and a 76 Suzy GT250 at the moment. Looks like a...
  3. Overwhelmed - HELP APPRECIATED

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    Hey there, I'm Jason. I'm 25 and looking to get my first bike, and do a little traveling before I knuckle down and become a killjoy. Bluntly - I don't know a thing about bikes. I've always loved the way they looked, smelled, sounded, all that. I've been reading through a few sites and...