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  1. Motorcycle Repair
    Hi guys, does anyone know how I would tighten the ball socket on my wing mirror ? Best, bill
  2. For Sale - WTS
    I am placing this one of a kind 2015 Indian Chief Classic on the market. This bike was hand painted by Verrick Falcón in Houston Texas. The bike was originally owned by the major aviation FBO chain, Million Air, was raffled off and given away, which is the reason for their logo on the gas tank...
  3. For Sale - WTS
    Come see this bike in person! It's a beautiful bike and rides even better! I'm selling the bike because I need the cash for a down payment on a home. I hope this bike brings as much joy to the next owner as it did for me. With less than 7k miles this bike is a great value! Come and take a...
  4. First Bike / New Rider
    I'm looking at a '95 Honda Shadow VLX 600 as my first bike. It has 17,000 on it but I've heard that Hondas can get up to around 100,000 so I'm not too worried. Will it be good to learn on and possibly do a half-country tour on, even though it's a 4-speed? I plan on learning maintenance and cycle...
  5. Motorcycle Stories
    Been saving up to buy a bike, just finished my MSF course a few weeks ago. I'll be ready to buy in about a month or two, but the wait is killing me. So while I'm forced to wait, let me live vicariously through you guys! Tell me some of your favorite rides and stories on a bike :p
  6. Videography Showcase
    Hey guys, I created a video about Yamaha R6, hope you like it. Feel free to comment and request which bikes you would love to see in a video. Maybe later I can make more videos ;) Enjoy!
  7. Motorcycle Repair
    Over the past few months I've been having problems with my bike, a while back me and my wife we riding around town and after about a hour and a half of riding it just stalled out on us, I pulled over to the side of the road and looked over my bike and it didn't seem to have anything wrong. I...
  8. First Bike / New Rider
    I am just starting to get into bikes and i have a a few questions about which bike i should get. I am 6'3-4(not exactly sure) and 250lbs. i was wondering if anyone here could give me advice on a good starting sports bike for a guy my size. A reply would be great . Thanks.
  9. General Motorcycle Discussion
    I am not really into sportbikes... but this guy has some crazy riding abilities! Jorian Ponomareff has some amazing Drifting skills, on a Motorcycle
  10. Sport Bike As First Bike
    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and seeing how helpful and knowledgeable everyone is on here I figured I would just start asking questions. I perused the site but couldn't quite find what I was looking for. I just signed up for the training course and am greatly looking forward to learning how...
  11. Vintage Forum
    We had the motor redone on this bike and the guy said that he made it so more oil would go into the engine then it needed so it wouldn't seize on us. Ever since my dad got this bike in 1980 it has leaked oil. It leaks where the pipe from the engine goes into the extension pipe, and on the bottom...
  12. Motorcycle Repair
    hello, i've recently acquired an 1100cc yamaha v-star that is carbeurated and air cooled. i'm taking the motor and trans out and installing it into a golf cart. i'm not the most mechanically inclined guy and welding isn't my strong suit, but when it's done i believe it will be well worth the...
  13. Riders and the Law
    I've been doing a lot of research to buy a used bike. I have always stayed away from any sale that the bike does not have a title. Is there a way to get a new title for a bike properly? I am in New Jersey.
  14. First Bike / New Rider
    Looking for a sport bike. No preference just something good to learn on. Looking to spend $1000 give or take. Any suggestions or offers? Thanks
1-14 of 30 Results