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beginner questions

  1. I'm a BRAND new rider. help please

    Motorcycle Training, Safety, and Riding Techniques
    I've always been enamored with cruisers. (not necessarily any particular makes or models just that cruiser style) I've rarely ridden or spent the time to learn about motorcycles but am now in a position to buy one. After checking the forums and youtube videos the consensus is that cruisers are...
  2. Suggestions?

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, im new too all this but i'd like too see all your points of views. I wanna get my first bike and I understand used is the way to go, i've been doing my research seems like the only decent priced motorcycle used is from a dealership. Its a 2015 ninja 300 abs with 1081 miles looks really...
  3. Beginner to building bikes

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hey guys I'm new a rider and I'm really interested in learning how to rebuild and customize bikes. You guys have any recommendations on where a beginner that doesn't know much should start if he wants to learn?
  4. Buying first bike, need advice?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, everyone. My name is Sasha, I'm 17 years old. I'm buying my first bike this year and there are three bikes that I really like, 1985 ninja 600r, 1983 unitrack GPZ 550 and a 1983 GPZ 750, would these bikes be too powerful for a beginner? I don't have a lot of riding experience I have ridden my...
  5. 1700CC Beginner

    First Bike / New Rider
    Ok so im new both on this forum and to motorcycles. I am 6'4 300lbs in solid shape. I was planning on purchasing something along the lines of a Vulcan 900 or Triumph Speedmaster. Been looking on CL for a while for the right price and I stumbled on a bike I've fallen in love with. I found a low...
  6. Beginner motorcycle rider/buyer. Please help!?

    First Bike / New Rider
    I've taken the MSF course a few months ago and I have my motorcycle endorsement, I just need to buy a helmet and a riding jacket for my gear and I have saved $3100 to buy a motorcycle. The problem is I've been searching from craigslist, ebay, dealers, and everything just to find a sport-bike...
  7. Small Woman Looking for a Spot Bike

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, I'm pretty much brand new to the biking world and have been doing a ton of research. I have recently turned 18 and am therefore finally able to get a license and bike. I am 5'5" and about 120lbs. I know it is suggested that beginners don't start out with a sport bike but it is really what I...
  8. First Time rider/buyer

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    Hello there, This is my first post, and I don't have a bike yet, but I'm pretty interested in getting one. I will be learning how to ride from an old family friend (practically relative), and then I'll be taking all the necessary courses and tests needed this summer. I definitely want a cruiser...
  9. 1980 CM400E Carb cleaning

    I have done little maintenance on motorcycles. I do have a mechanical mind but cleaning carbs is kind of a scary idea. If any one can help me out with this it would be great. What are the tools and chemicals will I need for this project? Also what kind of time frame are we talking, 3-6 hours...
  10. Longterm Beginner Bike???

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi every one. This is my first post after lurking for a while. I just got my motorcycle license after taking the MSF basic course. After riding a dirt bike occasionally as a teenager (decades ago) the only two wheel experience I've had was powered by my own feet. So now I'm basically...
  11. First Bike --Vintage?

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    Hello all! I'm new to these forums and have enjoyed seeing a lot of informative posts! I'm about to buy my first bike. I've ridden before (overseas) so I'm confident about picking it up again quickly. I put out some feelers and I have a guy offering to sell me his 1972 Honda CB360L for about...
  12. What's a good helmet to look at?

    First Bike / New Rider
    I've heard a bunch of different things about helmets but figured I see what some of the seasoned riders have to say. I personally like the full faced helmets. They're comfortable to me and they feel safer. However, I read that they're kind of dangerous because if you wreck and hit something head...