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battery charging voltage

  1. Expected voltages during charging ?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi First a little background. I have a 25 year old 250 Virago that was left for 15 or more years. I have ridden it for about 5 years and the electrics often need attention. I have replaced the rectifier/regulator twice as they "go bad" - delivering 15 to 18 DC volts as they fail - and I have...
  2. My Battery Tests 12v According To Multimeter

    Motorcycle Repair
    How many times have we read or heard this about motorcycles that won't crank or they just click or buzz? Maybe this title will get the attention of the next person who swears they have a fully charged battery therefore it cannot be the battery that is their problem. Think about these...
  3. Charging issue. Voltage drops while revving

    Motorcycle Repair
    To start it's a '99 Suzuki SV650, carb'd. I've had it for over a year with no issues. My battery is not keeping a charge after I ride it for maybe 20 miles or so. Last week I rode it about 20 miles then took it for another 10 mile trip and it wouldn't start back up. Have to love pulling off...